Trik berdagang forex

When trading, one of the most important pieces of information to have trik berdagang forex the ability to identify momentum—when it begins and when it ends. It can help you plan your next trade and to ensure that that trade is successful.

It is in the process of charting momentum that the Commodity Channel Index is especially effective, and that is regardless whether you are trading commodities, stocks or Forex. The rationale behind the Commodity Channel Index or CCI is that it is an oscillator that measures the deviation from the simple moving average over the period. Just like most oscillators, it has an overbought level and an oversold. If the CCI is relatively high then the pair is overbought and when it is relatively low, the pair is oversold. Dalam amalan, Walau bagaimanapun, using the CCI is a bit more complicated than the RSI.

Unless the CCI is calibrated correctly it is practically worthless in identifying momentum cycles. Lebih-lebih lagi, without correct calibration, it can generate plenty of false signals. This will help us decide the right period in which to run the CCI. In order to identify the beginning of the current cycle we can use Fibonacci Time Zones, which will give us an accurate measure. Sebagai contoh, when we look at the Fibonacci Time Zones in the weekly chart below, we can conclude that the current cycle started 36 weeks ago.