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Online forex broker Tadawul FX is proud to announce its official inclusion in Register of the FSA, the Financial Services Authority, which tdfx forex broker the UK financial services industry. Known for its heavy hand, the FSA enforces strict trading procedures and is known for its high standards and practises, regulating the UK industry. Ramzi Chamat, CEO of Tadawul FX is understandably pleased. Tadawul FX is proud to be associated with the FSA and this inclusion once again confirms our full adherence to the MiFID Directive,” he said upon launching the news.

Tadawul FX has already established a reputation in Cyprus and much of the EU for providing premium brokerage services, it is only fitting that this has extended officially across to the UK,” Ramzi continued. In addition to the FSA Register, Tadawul FX has also recently been added to the register of BAFIN, the financial regulatory authority in Germany as well as received authorisations from regulators in Luxembourg, Spain and the Netherlands. Our original goal has never changed,” explains Ramzi, “We want to be a dominating force when it comes to forex trading. However, we do want to accomplish that in an honest, reliable, and credible manner – and to reputed for our outstanding customer service above all else. However, Ramzi is adamant that is not a path that has been taken lightly and the team has worked hard to built TDFX’s reputation as a professional, knowledgeable, and transparent brokerage, with phenomenal success.

We have provided state-of-the-art technology, made available a range of tools, information, tips and guides, and offered complete support to our traders. On this basis, we believe they will make more informed decisionsbetter decisions, from which we will all be able to profit, ultimately. With a significant increase in unethical practices by both legitimate and illegitimate forex brokers, one of TDFX’s priorities has been meeting regulatory requirements and strictly enforcing stringent procedures. Clearly, it has paid off as Tadawul FX is now well known for its outstanding facilities and customer service by traders worldwide and officially recognised by the regulatory authorities. Interview by e-Forex magazine profiling Tadawul FX and its online forex trading services, its choice of state-of-the-art software MT4, and the new features and products to be offered to its traders.

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Europe’s Leading Forex and Commodities Broker. I have started this thread as a means to assist you with any questions about Tadawul FX and trading with us. Please feel free to contact me on this forum or via email and I will be happy to help you along the way. I look forward to hearing from you.

Just a quick note to say that Daylight Saving Time Starts this Sunday, 27th of March 2011. Some clients, located in countries that do not change the time, or change time at a different period, might be affected by these changes. Are there any restrictions on the leverage TadawulFX can provide for forex traders in the United States? Can you specify what is available? There are no restriction on leverage for traders from the United States. Smaller leverage is also available on request. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any more questions.

Just a short note to say that we are happy to announce that we have reduced the spreads on AUDNZD and EURNZD from 25 and 30 pips respectively, to only 15 pips. Enjoy trading with lower and fixed spreads at all times, and under all market conditions. As I’m writing this Oanda has 6pips spread on AUDNZD and 6. There is a very important factor here that needs to be pointed out. TDFX offers fixed spreads, 24 hours a day and under all market conditions. So there is never any spread widening!