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Magnesium is sabarinath economic times forex currently used monash dange economic times forex the manufacturing of transport vehicles such as cars, because it is intrinsically a brittle metal not known for malleable properties. Professor Birbilis’ team chose to work with magnesium because it is the lightest structural metal.

Up until now, most magnesium components in the automotive industry are made using castings for parts such as casings and steering wheels. However, the present research unlocks components that require formability, such as panels. Zeng, this is a major advantage. With this discovery, we can expand beyond the application of cast magnesium to super-formable magnesium that can be rolled, bent or compressed into any shape, even at room temperature’. This process changes the microstructure of the magnesium so that it is no longer brittle. It can be cold-rolled at room temperature to under a millimetre of thickness without cracking.