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Serious discussions on matters not covered by other boards. The un-pochi monedero bitcoin type of users should refer to the Can of Spam. I don’t think it is a good idea.

This is just a Poll to gather information and see how big the interest is to get a Meet started. But with that comes a big problem, because we got members from all over the world, so where ever you meet up not everyone will be able to go there, so a central location is the best option, but where ever it is located you can’t please everyone. In our humble opinion Europe is the best option, why? Places like the US and Austalia are great places to meet but sadly chances that many people can make it to the location are slim. It’s pretty central in Europe so chances are that a lot of people can come over. It will also be featured in the latest NFS game. A lot of our members are also big car fanatics so a trip to the Mekka of sportscars is always a good reason.

So what do you all think? Go plan it or leave it? Nurburgring, to meet some fellow NFSUnltd. I’d say the chances of me making such a trip are pretty slim. A trip to Germany, is not beyond the realm of possibility for me.

The timing would have to be at vacation time obviously since it would take atleast a week long trip. Also, these poll options kinda suck. Wouldn’t something like “Yes, I can go” and “No, I can’t go” make more sense? I’d love to go, but can’t. I’d love to go and can.

I reckon that it would be highly impractical for a meeting, in theory it would be awesome but I don’t think that anyone would be able to come. Canada etc it’s not very likely they can make it, but what is the alternative? Australia can go but a lot even from down under can’t make it there. The amount of members from Europe isn’t very small and there are several regular members that are from Europe. Sure it would be so much better if everyone could make it, but sadly that’s not a option, there is no place where that can be done. I would love to go the Australia and if we would have it there I guess there won’t be many people because chances are that a lot will live to far away.