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BTC Global Team Ponzi collapses, admin in denial? BTC Global forex institute videos Team launched in late 2017 and quickly rose to be one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in South Africa. Payments were made in bitcoin up until a few days ago, with it now appearing that BTC Global Team has collapsed.

As tracked by the BTC Global Scam Facebook group and its readers, BTC Global withdrawals ceased last Monday. This has prompted demands for answers from BTC Global Team management, which have been less than forthcoming. BTC Global Team is purportedly run by Steven Twain. Problem is, other than a very Instagrammy photo of some guy sipping on a milkshake, there’s no evidence of Twain actually existing. There are a few social media profiles bearing Twain’s name, to be sure, but nobody appears to have actually met or seen Twain in person.

Regardless, some of the porky pies trotted out following last Monday’s non-payment are hilarious. Steven Twain’s wife had just given birth. Sorry guys, Steven Twain wife just gave birth to 2 bouncing baby boys, so Steven has been busy running some errands. You guys will be paid accordingly. No one has had any contact with Steven Twain for over 24 hrs.

The leaders continue to actively try and connect with but have had no luck. Speculations and accusations do not help anyone andrew own’t change the current situation. In light of this unexpected situation the leadership and admin remain cautiously hopefully that there is a perfectly normal explanation for this delay and we sincerely hope to have more answers tomorrow. Steven came online tonight at 23:25 RSA time. He has not given much details yet but he was brutally attacked in his home in an attempt to steal his trading equipment.

We’re giving Steven the respect of time and space and we’ll connect with him tommorow and inform everyone on the way forward re. We’re so glad you’re ok Steven. Today was utter hell for the leaders and we are beyond thrilled to know you’re ok. That’s quite a week for a guy who doesn’t exist beyond a milkshake snap! As is often the case when a Ponzi collapses, those who profited are quick to try and distance themselves from it.