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All my hard work and techniques I have developed over the years have become obsoleteyour materials are worth thousands of dollars and you practically give it away. Any mention of WD Gann is usually preceded or followed with ‘legendary trader. I suppose that’s appropriate because no other stock or commodities trader, R. Elliott excepted, has achieved near cult status. The biggest difference between Gann and Elliott is that the latter published his work and freely divulged his “secrets.

5,000 courses notwithstanding, Gann never did. Above all he was a prolific researcher and writer. Unfortunately much of what Gann wrote, as well as much of what has been written about him, is so mystifying, complicated, and convoluted that most Gann students give up disappointed in spirit and lighter in the wallet. I have paid more for one Gann book than I did for my first car, and the car was a lot more useful! Most of what’s available on the Gann Wheel and the Square of Nine is no exception. WD Gann is reported to have carried two pieces of paper onto the stock and commodities trading floor.

A 9×9 table of the numerals 1-81, and a table of numerals that has come to be known as the Gann Wheel. He specially configured for the day’s activities. WD Gann sold a variety of trading courses for more than 50 years and so far as we know not one of them ever explained in detail what he did with that 9×9 table or with that other table of numerals, or anything else related to the Square of Nine. We traveled the usual hyper expensive Gann book route and departed disappointed in spirit and lighter in the wallet but captivated with Gann’s comments likeĀ  ” When price and time square change is inevitable ” – captivated enough to gather all the fragments of information we could find in WD Gann’s work and in others that had had written about the Square of Nine and the Gann Wheel and how it could be applied to stock, options and forex trading. It’s a difficult concept to get your mind around but price and time are not only related, they are interchangeable. With our ebook you can take a price, a range, the number of trading days, or the number of calendar days and figure out exactly when each or all of them will square at any time in the future. The purpose of this work is to explain concisely and in detail simple mathematical and graphical techniques for applying WD Gann’s Square of Nine to real world stock, stock option, and forex trading situations.