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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Pukman, I have the same break even price as you, same exit price and been here for the same amount of time and guess what . Updates are poor, investments are poor. ONLY hope here and I think TANG thinks the same. Unless we hear anything else, Pan Asia’s sale of the TCM shares to the Chinese GM Ltd will complete on 31 May. 5m loan to Universal is repaid, or a better security is put in place.

I don’t think the amount will be repaid. The annoying thing is that Tang is a Datuk. A title of honour and integrity. I have not seen a lot of integrity from this man. Well I have been in Polo since the early Dattels days. This used to be one of my best stocks and regular special divis were given back to its shareholders. Dattels was an excellent businessman who rewarded his shareholders.

Unfortunately Tang has proved himself to be absolutely terrible who couldn’t give a hoot about his investors. One thing is fur sure, if it approaches anywhere near that amount I’ll be out in a flash and good riddance to this tripe. Perhaps Polo is just a vehicle for him for his other interests and 40p per share was a small price to pay for other benefits unknown. Either way as a shareholder of Polo, the current situation stinks.