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The Authority’ on Price Action Forex broker news trading futures. In 2016, Nial won the Million Dollar Trader Competition. Nial Fuller’s Price Action Forex Trading Course. The price advantage for crude from U.

Bob Yawger, director of futures at Mizuho Securities USA Inc. 2o at pump but as if? 7 which should be 28cents in gasoline, havent seen the price at the pump drop. 20 cents themselves, still no reaction. First drawing in a bit over an hour.

RED or BLACK, BLACK or RED. ECB will discuss rate hike and end of QE on june 14 . High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format. ECB may hike rates on june 14 ? Actually that is long overdue .

They should never have gone negative at all . It would be tragic if, given all this, reforms were to be rolled back or consolidation gains squandered. Instead, we should build on the successes that have been achieved. ECB doing everything possible to hurt the new Italian government . How long before the ECB denies the will discuss NIRP and QE . Without NIRP and QE European economy would be in much better shape. Things can only get better after he leaves .

Timing perfect to manipulate markets . Looks like ECB bond buying starts to have toxic side effects. Looks like we could see huge draw in crude inventories . Inventories one of the biggest scams in commodity trading .