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PRIVY COUNCILLORS: Davis, David Michael, MP for Boothferry and Minr of State, FCO. Forth, Eric, MP for Mid Worcs craig harris forex peace army Minr of State, Dept for Educ and Employment. Jack, John Michael, MP for Fylde and Financial Sec to Her Majesty’s Treas.

Ogilvy, The Hon Sir Angus James Bruce, KCVO, trustee of The Princes’ Trust and chm of The Princes’ Youth Business Trust Advisory Ccl. Widdecombe, Ann Noreen, MP for Maidstone and Minr of State, Home Off. COMPANION OF HONOUR: Rowse, Alfred Leslie, For serv History and Literature. KNIGHTS BACHELOR: Ayckbourn, Alan, CBE, playwright, serv the theatre. Baer, Jack Mervyn Frank, serv the art trade.

Baker, Nicholas Brian, MP for Dorset North, for polit serv. Bedser, Alec Victor, CBE, serv cricket. Blundell, Thomas Leon, FRS, serv the Biotechnol and Biological Sciences Research Ccl and to scient res. Budd, Alan Peter, Chief Economic Adviser to Her Majesty’s Treas and hd, Govt Econ Serv. Davis, Peter John, chm, National Advisory Ccl for Educ and Training Targets, serv training and to ind. Day, Simon James, for polit and publ serv.

Dear Geoffrey James, QPM, DL, Her Majesty’s Insp of Constabulary, serv the pol. Eyre, Richard Charles Hastings, CBE, artistic dir, R National Theatre, serv drama. Harrison, David, CBE, Master, Selwyn College, Univ of Camb, serv educ and to nuclear safety. Harvie, John Smith, CBE, for polit and publ serv. Horton, Robert Baynes, chm, Railtrack plc, serv the rly ind.

Hourston, Gordon Minto, chm, Armed Forces Pay Review Body, serv the armed forces and to ind. Jenkins, Michael Nicholas Howard, OBE, chm, Futures and Options Association and The London Clearing House, serv the finance ind. Laing, John Martin Kirby, CBE, DL, chm, John Laing plc, serv the construction ind. Meadow, Prof Samuel Roy, serv paediatrics and to the R College of Paediatrics and child hlth. Odgers, Graeme David William, chm, Monopolies and Mergers Commn, serv ind.