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Logo design in today’s world is totally under buku forex gratis. People do not understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business and this is why I am highlighting some of the worst logo designs out there.

If you are after examples of high quality logos be sure to check out some logo design inspiration galleries. When is a bad logo actually good? It’s sad that this kind of work is used all over the place. The client must have pissed the designer pretty bad for him to come up with that!

I mean, what were they thinking! When to go back to the drawing board. The Kids Exchange reminded me of a similar showcase of disastrous domain names. It’s always great to start the day with a laugh — or at least, being very curious. The logo design equivalent of a frozen throw-in-the-oven pizza.

Comic Sans gets all the flack but somehow Papyrus is overlooked. Look at the logo and tilt your head to the left. Nice collection of late 90’s web looking logos. Sad that so many of these logos are still in circulation. Thanks for the infinite confidence booster! Give someone a pirated version of Adobe CS3 and see what happens.

It’s sad that logos like these are being published as we speak. Well, all the more reason for good designers to get out there and work their magic! This is what happens when people with MS Paint decide they can make their own logo! Good on them for trying though! You’re right Jacob’s logo is pretty bad. So glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks this logo should be in this mix. Even if it looks like the frog’s peeing.