Binary option signal for setoption

Binary option signal for setoption an option on the given cURL session handle. The value to be set on option.

TRUE to automatically set the Referer: field in requests where it follows a Location: redirect. TRUE to return the raw output when CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER is used. 3, this option has no effect: the raw output will always be returned when CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER is used. TRUE to mark this as a new cookie “session”. TRUE to output SSL certification information to STDERR on secure transfers. Requires CURLOPT_VERBOSE to be on to have an effect. TRUE tells the library to perform all the required proxy authentication and connection setup, but no data transfer.

This option is implemented for HTTP, SMTP and POP3. TRUE to convert Unix newlines to CRLF newlines on transfers. TRUE to use a global DNS cache. This option is not thread-safe and is enabled by default. TRUE to fail verbosely if the HTTP code returned is greater than or equal to 400. The default behavior is to return the page normally, ignoring the code. TRUE to enable TLS false start.

TRUE to attempt to retrieve the modification date of the remote document. TRUE to force the connection to explicitly close when it has finished processing, and not be pooled for reuse. TRUE to force the use of a new connection instead of a cached one. Use FALSE to disable EPRT and LPRT and use PORT only. TRUE to first try an EPSV command for FTP transfers before reverting back to PASV. Set to FALSE to disable EPSV. TRUE to create missing directories when an FTP operation encounters a path that currently doesn’t exist.

TRUE to append to the remote file instead of overwriting it. TRUE to disable TCP’s Nagle algorithm, which tries to minimize the number of small packets on the network. 1 for versions compiled with libcurl 7. TRUE to only list the names of an FTP directory.

TRUE to include the header in the output. TRUE to track the handle’s request string. TRUE to reset the HTTP request method to GET. Since GET is the default, this is only necessary if the request method has been changed. TRUE to tunnel through a given HTTP proxy. TRUE to be completely silent with regards to the cURL functions. TRUE to exclude the body from the output.

Request method is then set to HEAD. Changing this to FALSE does not change it to GET. TRUE to disable the progress meter for cURL transfers. TRUE to ignore any cURL function that causes a signal to be sent to the PHP process. This is turned on by default in multi-threaded SAPIs so timeout options can still be used. TRUE to not handle dot dot sequences.

TRUE to do a regular HTTP POST. TRUE to HTTP PUT a file. The file to PUT must be set with CURLOPT_INFILE and CURLOPT_INFILESIZE. CURLFile may be used for uploads instead.

0 with FALSE as the default value. 0 changes the default value to TRUE. CURLFile interface must be used to upload files. TRUE to enable sending the initial response in the first packet.