Best free live forex charting software

1—in our humble opinion—being the best. You might want to keep a few considerations in mind, however, before you jump in. That said, free real-time day trading charts are an excellent backup data source on the off chance you lose quotes from your broker. They’re a great training tool for new traders who are looking to study day trading and create strategies based on how prices move in real time.

Where Does the Data Come From? Free stock market data is provided by BATS, an electronic exchange that processes trades on U. Websites and charting platforms use that data to provide real-time charts to their users. These free real-time charts only show the stock transactions that occur through the BATS exchange.

The charts don’t show the transactions that occur through all the other electronic exchanges that compose the U. BATS data represents an approximation of what’s happening in real time. You’ll see some of the price movements and transactions, but not all. When you pay for official real-time stock market data and charts, you receive the price and volume information for all the electronic exchanges that compose the U.