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Because we match up customers who want to do international transfers, the exchange rates you can obtain are close to Spot, or Interbank rate wap forex com secureuk big banks and financial players use. As a customer the total cost of obtaining other currencies is far lower through Swapforex.

To make a transfer our commission is 0. You don’t have to take the really bad exchange rates, set once per day, the bank will offer. There is only 1 charge – 0. A bank, money transfer company or specialist broker will make money from the difference between the rate they offer you, and the “Spot or “Interbank” rate.

They are effectively betting against their customers. As we are an impartial exchange, we have no vested interest in our customers getting a bad exchange rate. There are lots of money transfer companies out there that offer cheap rates and transfers. In addition, there are services out there that claim to offer a great exchange rate, however the rate can move significantly between when you “book” a transfer and when it is actually completed. Being a transparent, open, and up-front service, Swapforex. This allows our customers the most up to date exchange rate information so they can set the rates on their transfers accordingly.

Customers can swap directly with each other and by-pass the Bank. Cheaper costs through narrower currency spreads. Transparency – Our costs are up front and we don’t get paid via the “Spread”. Control – Customers can Set prices that they want to deal at. 7, and not just take a price determined once a day by the Bank. FCA has approved us for collecting money and for making International payments.