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Islamic Finance WIKI is a project to build an Islamic finance encyclopedia based on free content in wadiah forex market English and Arabic. The Islamic Finance WIKI is peer controlled. Meaning invited editors can contribute with his or her knowledge and getting reviewed by all the other peers in an ongoing process.

Islamic finance is based on Islamic values and legal principles. It avoids harmful activities such as alcohol, pornography and gambling. Islam calls for modesty in debts and prohibits interest on loans, stopping the vicious circle of debt. Equity and asset finance is promoted to enhance economic wellbeing. You can donate financially, from one Dollar to more. Currently the WIKI is funded privately by its founder only.

You can join the club of editors. Start editing or read our Help:Contents, if you are unfamiliar with wiki-editing. Please note: We need active users, who are willing to contribute something. If you have received an invite please don’t hesitate and start testing things out immediately! This page was last modified on 7 August 2016, at 21:25.

It operates through the Bakery and Dairy segments. The Bakery segment produces and distributes biscuits, cakes, rusk, and bread. The Dairy segment processes and supplies milk, butter, and cheese. The company was founded in 1892 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Omnicom India Marketing Advisory Services Pvt Ltd. Capital Market Publishers India Pvt Ltd. It also provides horticulture and landscaping services.