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But this side-effect of demonetization can actually happen, and in a short while, we will tell why. Big Relief For Income Tax Payers? The report originated from India Today news channel, which claimed that in order to compensate for the inconvenience experienced by the common man after the sudden demonetization move, and to ease some pain, Govt. Income Tax slabs, and increase the minimum annual income to Rs 4 lakh, from current Rs 2. As per the news channel, this information was provided by a source from Finance Ministry. If implemented, this can be a huge relief for the individual taxpayer, who is right now reeling with the impact of demonetization and slow economy. Spokesperson Terms This As Baseless Meanwhile, as soon as this news started spreading, Govt.

Director General of Press Information Bureau rejected this update, termed it as baseless and unfounded. Can This Is Be Really True? First of all, on December 14th, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had hinted that the Govt. While briefing the media, he was explaining the advantages of demonetization, and how this has resulted in more cash with the banks and Govt. Secondly, removing tax for the common man has been BJP’s long term goal, since 2014 General elections. Post-demonetization, it is a strong possibility that BJP Govt.

Or this is just false rumors? Do let us know by commenting right here! He is a Writer by passion, Marketer by choice and Entrepreneur by compulsion. 2,010 Crore to Take on Flipkart!

8 Major Income Tax Changes That Would Be Live From April 1st! I completely agree with your point. Recently demonetization has clearly created wrong image in front of the people by BJP. Now they are trying to compensate that anger with giving people another chance to Tax benefits. At-least whoever is earning below 4 Lakh can enjoy the benefits. Good article, keep writing I am regular reader of this website.

Worst case they will increase the Tax Slab to 3Lakhs. As NDA Govt is keen in Sucking money from the Middle-Class people. Petrol Price surge is one of the example on how they loot with excise duty. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Follow These Steps And Stay Safe!

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