Trading automatico forex

The idea behind this software is simple: Let some wily machine redistribute money from the rich to the poor. Zorro is a software tool for financial analysis, machine learning, and algorithmic trading. It is not a ‘robot’ and not a trading platform, but has some elements of them. Technically trading automatico forex’s a rapid development system that can be used to train neural networks, optimize parameters, test strategies with several methods, and trade them automated with online brokers.

Zorro was designed to beat the world financial system by tapping into its money flows. In order to find the right moment to buy and sell, Zorro uses algorithms that detect anomalies in price curves, such as the beginning of a pattern, trend, or cycle. Such anomalies allow short-term price prediction under certain conditions. Once set up, Zorro trades fully autonomous and can operate without human interaction.

It’s free because we believe that a huge number of people should understand the financial markets and participate in their profits. Theoretically, we needed to work four days less every year for producing the same goods and earning the same income. However it does not happen this way. Producers use productivity boosts for reducing costs – mostly wages and salaries. This is supposed to improve their profits, but it also has an adverse affect. Layoffs, unemployment, subsequent demand shortfall and economic crises eat a large part of the benefits from increased productivity. The remaining excess profits are invested – however not in production of goods, but in financial assets.

It consumes most rewards of technical progress, and gives back occasional market crashes and financial crises. But it also offers the opportunity to redistribute some of the excess profit back from the rich to the poor. Providing many people with a small but regular trading income will take liquidity out of the financial markets and inject it back into the production cycle. This will boost demand worldwide and soften the world’s economical problems.

Zorro comes with several built-in trade strategies that are intended for generating a regular income. However its main purpose is helping people to understand, analyze, experiment with, and exploit the financial markets. 8 was released and is available on the download page. CAGR, and many other improvements to existing functions. The complete feature list can be found on the What’s New page.