Tradestation forex margin pdf

GAIN Tradestation forex margin pdf User’s Guide Even though the software is simple and intuitive it is also robust, and there are so many features and customize-able settings to benefit from, as well as questions you may have, so we created an extensive user’s guide. This guide enables you to learn about the easy-to-use trading tools as well as basic and advanced features.

We hope this user’s guide helps you with your questions about the application and with finding new tools and features to aid in your trading with GAIN Trader. GAIN Trader is such a complete and robust trading application packed with rich user tools we’re sure you will find many features to help make your trading experience a better one. GAIN Trader Quick Start Guide Below is an GAIN Trader Quick Start Guide to assist you in getting setup and start using GAIN Trader. Live Help online or call us at 800-920-5808.

GAIN Trader Strategy Manager Guide Use the Trading Strategy Manager guide to help you get started importing a strategy and applying to the chart for Auto Execution. Read the included GAIN Trader Strategy Manager Guide for more information. GAIN Trader’s functions as well as automate your trading signals directly through your GAIN Capital trading account. Read the included GAIN Trader AutoX User’s Guide for more information. GAIN Trader Custom Indicators Guide GAIN Trader’s indicators and strategies are built to suit your custom trading needs. Get inspiration from other developers by purchasing indicators from our indicator store, or benefit from the time you put into your custom indicators by selling your indicator in the store. The GAIN Trader Excel DDE Guide gives you the knowledge to create an order manager in Excel by integrating price and order data.