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99165 with Take profit at 0. It will be a good place for entry as Fibonacci level already completed the M15 cycle. Drop-Base-Drop can be seen 2 days ago. Target will be 70 pips away from 0. Risk and Reward ratio will be 1:7. Fibonacci level already completed the cycle at 423 level.

How Markets Work, in a Nutshell! Trading the forex markets is not a 100 meters hurdles race with hurdles every 10 meters, but a marathon race with hurdles every 100 meters. This book contains the basic rules discussed in this thread’s thousands of posts. You must understand these rules before you can start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The book alone is useless, it contains links to videos and webinars you should watch. You should also read the posts in this thread.

The book shows the rules in a more organized way, but remember you must do your homework by watching the videos and reading the posts in this thread, this doesn’t work like the Matrix movie, there is no cable you can plug in your neck and learn how to trade, there are no shortcuts. Once you’ve downloaded the video this is the homework you need to do if you want to understand how these supply and demand levels are created and why they hold. Every week you will receive on your email a series on potential trade setups based exclusively on supply and demand, Forex, Stocks, Indexes and Commodities. Subscribe to the channel to be notified of new videos. Timeframes lower than H4 are not allowed.

No reference to other strategies are allowed. No offensive posts dishonouring administrator, its work and those of the subscribers of this thread. If you break any of these simple rules, your user will be ignored, no questions asked. You must know what an imbalance is and put them into context in a bigger picture trend using at least three timeframes. An analysis done on EURUSD on the daily chart is not enough if you don’t put that timeframe and its imbalances into context. Price will continue to move in either direction, you must redo the top analysis and be aware that the circumstances might have changed, an opposing higher timeframe imbalance might be in control and invalidate the lower timeframe imbalance entry. If you want to have the latest supply and demand rectangle extender indicator’s version and the default templates, please fill out the form on the right side of the page.

You will receive and email at end of the process with the download link. Make sure you watch the videos on how the indicators work. Webinars are held once every 1-2 months weeks depending on my availability and where in the world I am. Those who have been following my thread know how hard I’ve worked to try and help you all. It all started like a simple trade journal, but out of the blue in less than 4 months it became something very different to what I had initially created it for. The thread had grown to such an extent that I could have never imagined. I’m really glad that so many of you are interested in understanding how the market works.

However the fact is that the thread had started to absorb my life, my spare time, it took me a lot of time to manage not only the thread but replying to dozens of daily private emails that hit my inbox. The number of emails I was receiving in the was increasing and I couldn’t cope with it. Life is karma, life is a boomerang. Whatever you do in life, it will be returned to you 10 times bigger. This thread is changing my life in many ways, hopefully it will change many others as well, the emails I receive every day go in that direction as well. I am very happy and proud to have received such a huge welcome and all the private messages I get every day speak by themselves. I’ve had to take an important decision if I want to keep on helping you and other traders.