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There are many ways to convert currencies in Excel that use add-ons. In this tutorial I will cover how to make your own from scratch using a Macro. 2015 – Stampa su forex converter am unable to offer advice on other versions.

I do not know the solution to this, and sadly cannot help as I don’t have a Mac. If you find the solution, please post it online and I will link to it. Because no currency converter websites still provide conversions using an API-style URL, we have to resort to screen-scraping the result. The problem now is that the providers change their URL’s and page layouts so often, I can no longer find the time to keep this logic updated. Therefore, IF IT DOESN’T WORK – go as far as you can, then try amending the screen scraping logic that parses the result. A Word on Macros Excel Macros are pieces of code written using Visual Basic.

Historically they have a bad name, and some people created viruses within spreadsheets. However, they are needed here as we will be developing some functionality beyond what Excel can do, but still using technologies that it supports. Enable the Developer Toolbar The Developer Toolbar lets us create our macro, but it is not enabled by default. Add Web-posting Functionality Deep within Windows and Office there are DLL files that contain functionality that Excel can use, but isn’t configured to. These are common files that many other programs take advantage of.

In some cases your copy of Excel might already be configured to do this, but let’s cover it anyway. Press OK to return to the Visual Basic Editor. We will now create the macro. You will see a new module appear called MODULE1. Open “GET”, url, False     myHTTP. This makes our new function available to use anywhere. Once the code is pasted in, close the Editor window.

Using Our New Currency Converter Function Within Excel, type in two three-letter ISO currency codes into the top cells. Now press RETURN to confirm the formula. This is normal, and is what happens while Excel retrieves the live exchange rate – just be patient! Now we can use this figure to convert some numbers. Please Read This Bit – CAVEATS! There are a few things you need to be aware of. First is that our spreadsheet requires macros to be enabled every time we open it.