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Christmas Episode is a one-off seasonal episode of an ongoing series, typically a comedy or comedy drama. Sometimes the Christmas Episode will be shown in two or three parts over consecutive nights, typically in the build-up to Christmas Day. Only the most popular shows get shown on Christmas Day itself. This has proven unpopular in recent years. In Soap Operas such as Eastenders and Coronation Street it is traditional for the Christmas Episode to be the most depressing of the entire year. Which is saying something as Brit Soaps, especially Eastenders, tend to be depressing anyway.

May overlap with Vacation Episode if travel is involved. Also see You Mean “Xmas”, where a world where Christmas doesn’t exist gets a similar holiday for the purposes of having a Christmas Episode. Note that in Japan, Christmas has roughly the same cultural significance as Valentine’s Day does in the West — so Anime Christmas Episodes can have an additional romance theme to them. Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi’s Christmas Episode doubled as a Shout-Out to Ah! Axis Powers Hetalia had a special with Finland dressing up as Santa and answering fan mail with his puppy Blood-Smeared Flower Egg. There was also one where the Allies and Axis are visited by Finland as Santa, who gives them gifts, and one where Italy, Germany and Japan interview the other countries about their Christmas traditions. There is an episode in the anime where America holds a Christmas party.

Azumanga Daioh had one of these. The Chrono Crusade anime has an episode where Chrono, Rosette, and Azmaria celebrate Christmas with the rest of the Magdalene Order before they begin their journey to California to save Joshua. The manga follows a slightly different timeline and mentions Christmas, but doesn’t have a traditional “episode” per se–the final battle actually takes place over Christmas Eve and ends at sunrise on Christmas Day. Shin’s parents fretting over how they’re going to get their son a Christmas present. Dai-Guard had one where the cast attempted to have a Christmas party, but threat of attack forced everyone to wait on standby. They simply move the party to Dai-Guard’s hanger and invite the repair and ground crew to join them. The Death Note manga had a couple of four-panel cartoons with Light and Ryuk.

Since when do Shinigami celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ? Digimon Adventure 02 used the Christmas episode for a Relationship Upgrade. Christmas Bowl, the biggest game of the year played on Christmas. Interestingly, in the manga, the corresponding chapter had nothing to do with Christmas at all. Particularly baffling since the manga does have one or two Christmas chapters. Pretty interesting, considering the show follows the daily life of a Shinto Goddess.

Keroro Gunsou had an episode where Keroro plots to take over the world at Christmas while everyone’s guard is down, but everyone drops out one by one. The second season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has an episode called “Christmas Eve”. It starts out like a Christmas episode up until Nanoha and Fate visit the hospital where Hayate’s staying so she won’t be alone on Christmas. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, twice. There were actually three episodes that took place on Christmas, but one was plot-important and didn’t focus on the holiday itself although it did have a Christmas birth. There is also one in Ninin ga Shinobuden, in which Kaede shows the Ninjas the true meaning of Christmas.

Feudal Japan with Luffy as a detective. The first episode had a Christmas ending with Chopper, who was vaguely busy all day, being one of Santa’s reindeer. The Three Sisters Agency was started on Christmas in ROD the TV. The episode shows them sharing birthday cake with Ne Ne Ne. Harima uses Tenma’s present for Karasuma as transportation.