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Solo Capital Partners is in the process of an orderly wind-down and will not be taking on new business. It was reported on Wednesday that Solo Capital Partners is one of several companies being investigated sanjay shah varengold forex Danish prosecutors.

According to the reports, prosecutors allege that a handful of brokerage firms, banks and hedge funds have been using complex trades to cut taxes on stock dividends, or even fraudulently claim refunds on tax payments they never made. 250 million of assets has been seized in raids in the UK, the Wall Street Journal said. Denmark’s tax authority, SKAT, said on Wednesday it had alerted police to the investigations, and the case has been described as a top priority. Over the summer we became suspicious after receiving information from a foreign authority.

Our own internal investigations have strengthened our suspicions and we have therefore turned the case over to the police. Solo Capital Partners was started in 2009 by 45-year-old British businessman Sanjay Shah, who is predominantly based in Dubai, it was reported. His company has offices in both London and Dubai and has been a prominent player in the Danish dividend-tax trades market, sources claimed. Shah is also founder of Autism Rocks, a global charity that stages concerts and other events around the world to raise money for autism research. 280 million and has a house on the Palm Jumeirah, where he has lived with his wife and three children since 2009. Shah’s mobile phone was switched off when Arabian Business attempted to reach him for comment. The expected criminal fraud in refunds has so far been calculated based on 2120 individual claims totalling some 6.