Robertos forex charts

Step Robertos forex charts and Down Forex Indicator draws the price direction movement with single arrow Up or Down on the trading chart. It would be better when the arrow appears, there is an alert sound at the same time as well.

H1, H4 and up to Monthly. MA value and call it hi and lo? 1 time, store it in a variable and reuse this variable in the loop instead of calling multiple time the same iMA. I downloaded the stepupdown indicator, but I don’t get any alerts. On your code page it said you had added an alert, please advice. What I found is that ,eg.

SELL position while the price indicator is already in a BUY mode, and vice versa. So, by the time the arrow change to BUY, the price has moved up considerably. Is there any logic explanation for that, or how should I practice this. I think you are a scalper trader. When Sell Arrow is still visible, the actual direction of the Moving Average indicator is still in the down direction, and vice versa. What it means is we have to wait to see if the direction of the signal is really gone up or is still going down.

USE this latest version of “Step Up and Down Forex” Indicator ? And is this indicator built into SAT-V2 EA inside the code ? If using SAT-V2, we must use this latest version of “Step Up and Down Forex” indicator, or we can use the old version of “Step Up and Down Forex” Indicator without any problem ? If possible, please kindly explain the new feature and new Formula of this newest version of “Step Up and Down Forex” Indicator. Thank you very much for your further information and explanations for my study.

Looks good,Do you have EA of this ? The art of sitting in stillness can maximize the act of being busy. Im fairly new to trading and I wanted to try trading forex using an MACD indicator, can anyone give me some advice on the best settings to use for daily charts, unfortunately I cant be glued to my screen all day so I could do with a system that allows me to check my charts once a day. To offer something positive and constructive, on a daily Forex chart, you might try settings of 5,34,5 to look for clear divergences between the MACD and the price as being mildly supportive of other reasons for trading.