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Mercantile Bank celebrates 50 years of growing entrepreneurs. Mercantile Bank Limited is an Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. Back in 1993, while still at Wits University, Richard beddow forex exchange Apteker convinced a few Computer Science graduates to explore what it would mean to connect companies to the Internet. Internet Service Provider in South Africa, and Africa.

It was not some big eureka moment. It was about labours of love and about creating magic in the world. Those involved in IS in the early days spent late nights, weekends and holidays at the office, which Ronnie still does. The biggest challenge, in my view, always is about people: how do you find good people? In the beginning we persuaded all our friends at university to join us.

And they then inspired their friends to also join, and so it grew. Michelle Okafor was inspired to become an entrepreneur and founded Michelle Okafor Designs when she visited Nigeria for the first time in 2008. She was so impressed with the prints that she brought back some fabrics to make her dresses. People liked them, so she saw a gap in the market. Not having a long track record to prove her worth was also a real obstacle to growing the business. One major challenge was to find staff to manufacture or design, and it was difficult finding skilled people who understood the needs of the business. We have been able to diversify quickly because we are small and agile.

We have a handson approach which enables us to give that personal touch. Growing up among subsistence farmers in a small village in Zimbabwe made Max Moyo realise that you don’t plant today and reap tomorrow. Rather do the right things and be patient, and you will reap the rewards. This ideal, and Max’s love for oratory, put him in good stead when he entered the corporate world in South Africa, building up a vast experience in sales and strategies backed by a solid educational grounding in business administration, management and accounting.