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Click here to enter the site. Dmitri Chavkerov About Forex Abortion or Do Not Ababdon Your Forex Baby! One could say that the biggest secret to building a successful house is to lay proper foundation, because without it, the house won’t stand. Foundation can be called the biggest reversals forex peace of a house, because it’s so crucially important and because it cannot be seen by our naked eyes.

It’s no different with building a successful forex trading career. The roof of such career is your trading strategy. Most number of people hold a wrong notion that saving money and becoming rich is all about just not spending any money and keep saving and investing each and every penny you have at hand, except the amount you take to meet your basic needs. According to Dmitri Chavkerov, it is difficult to become rich by creating disharmony.

Holding back money without spending on the right purposes creates stagnation, which in turn creates disharmony. After all, if you look all around us, the entire nature is one efficient system of taking, preserving, and giving back. Earth, it stores it in its trunk, and then uses the stored nutrients and water to grow leaves and bear fruit. Or a bear who eats as much as it can during summer, and uses all of its preserved fat during winter in order to survive. Those who learn this law quickly and start practicing it will become wealthy very quickly. He says taking, preserving and giving away is the fundamental system based on which the entire world operates and if there is any sort of disruption in the cycle, it would lead to disharmony.

Forex Peace Army not only provides valuable information as to how to trade forex but also touches upon interesting areas like principles and psychology of money management. The best way to create harmony in your money management system is to start giving away. Giving away does not mean just throwing away money on futile things. Rather, the purpose is well served when the money is given as charity. Investment and money management tips and guidance posted on Forex Peace Army have garnered appreciation from industry experts and authors.