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Interview With Forex Trader Michael Mayson The Participant from New Zealand, Reshetov forex Mayson has been involved in automated trading for not a very long time. It is not taking great risks.

Let us congratulate you on being the leader of the Championship. Did you expect to be in the first line? However, it is early in the Championship and as we have seen anything can happen. What is the reason for your Expert Advisor’s success, in your opinion? I think, at this point it is successful, because it is not taking great risks.

We have seen some of the riskier strategies rise and then fall. It is also able to make a good profit without compounding, so when compounding is introduced it is like cream on the cake. I am getting similar results as in the competition. I am wondering if I should have taken more risk in the competition, but so far it seems like a good decision. What was the most important thing for you while you were preparing it for the contest: its stable operation, its profit factor, its reliability? The most important thing was to be able to generate a stable profit over a long time hoping to capture as many of the market “moods” as possible.