Red army faction forex

Otunba Gani Adams, in Oyo, the capital of the old Oyo Empire. Group Political Editor EMMANUEL OLADESU writes on the ascendancy, politics, battles, and red army faction forex of the previous holders of the title and the tragedies that drew the curtains on their lives.

Oyo will be aglow tomorrow with festivities. The man of valour will put on the ageless costume and receive the ’invincible’ staff of war, which are the insignias of the ancient title. The historic event will be witnessed by monarchs, statesmen, politicians, top government officials, captains of industry, leaders of self-determination groups, and women and youth groups. But, there will be an omission. Alayeluwa Adeyemi will not send Aare Adams to any war, unlike his predecessors.

In peace time, the Aare Ona Kankanfo is a honorary title bestowed on valiant men worthy of the honour. His headship of the Esos pales into symbolism. He is still revered as the Commander. But, there is no more organised Yoruba military force. Although the OPC coordinator cannot not be on the same pedestal with his illustrious predecessors, he is perceived as a house hold name in Yorubaland who has fought for his race. The Alaafin is the only traditional ruler in Yorubaland who has the power and authority to bestow the title. His choice and decision are not subject to debate.