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Salient Partners Chief Risk Officer, Ben Hunt. The special issue included the annual ranking of the Top 30 Brokers. Eidosearch evaluates the probability of 2016 forecasts across various markets and sectors. John Mauldin weighs in on the U. Donald Luskin, Phil Flynn and Hillary Till to develop 10 decisive forward forecasts.

Where Are They Now updates the progress of six disruptive fintech firms. Will The SEC Kill 40 Act Futures Funds? How AQR is changing managed futures. Chesapeake Capital: From turtle to titan. Dormouse: Quiet creation of systematic alpha.

SEC attempts to crash the alternatives 40-Act party. The Money Flow Index, Execution vs. CEO searcher Peter Crist has spent 40 years in the high-stake world of executive recruiting. Ken Griffin, Mark Cuban and Harvard professors talk culture. New Porsche Experience Center in ATL, Investing in Kiawah Island and Lollapalooza Turns 25. Leading analysts provide their take on the cult stock darling. GM executive Robert Lutz is not drinking the Tesla Kool-Aid.

A Brief History of Listed Options, Are Buy-Writes the Right Strategy? Old Options Pro and Futures v Equity Options. ETFs, Shark Tank, female entrepreneurs and the presidential candidates. Special Reports Included:The Nine Hottest Tech Companies That Could Be Acquired Next, Can Twitter Survive? Special Stock Reports: Can Bill Ackman Save Chipotle? The election was a big victory for medical and recreational marijuana and the cannabis industry. Modern Trader smokes out the stocks to watch in the budding marijuana sector.