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Details of Harry Kane’s new deal at Tottenham revealed On Friday, Tottenham Hotspur announced that Harry Kane has penned a new deal with the Premier League club. CBN provides guidelines for Nigeria, China currency swap The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, yesterday, released guidelines for the Nigeria and China currency swap deal. Regulation is quickly becoming a hot topic in the crypto-world. The technology of blockchain and Bitcoin is here to stay. But to bring value to investors, it’s going to need tighter rules and more responsible companies with their eyes on the future.

The next step will be figuring out how to establish rules, expectations, and regulations for making the market work smoothly. And one company is positioned to meet that need: Hashchain Technology Inc. But KASH is going a step further: it’s working on proprietary methods and new technologies to make compliance with new regulations easier. At a time when state agencies are cracking down on the free-for-all within the crypto world, KASH is set to making earnings from crypto-currencies regulation. Here are five reasons to take a strong look at Hashchain Technology Inc. The value of crypto-currencies was shooting through the roof, and everyone wanted in on the action. South Korea and China began considering bans on crypto mining, which is immensely energy-intensive and difficult to monitor.