Ransquawk vs talking forex free

I am looking at ransquawk vs talking forex free squawk service and wonder if any of you use RANsquawk or talking-forex. I have looked in the forum archive seen some posts about RANsquawk but not anything to do with talking-forex. Trading is not about money generation it’s about capital preservation. I am on a trial of ransquawk.

So far its ok, the text feed is great but the audio is really bad. I can never hear the full report as the audio feed cuts out and I’ve read that a lot of folks have the same issues. I was recommended to go to talking-forex. RANsquawk since I am an individual trader. I guess its a sister company or something like that setup for smaller players.

I plan on starting a trial soon, hopefully their audio feed does not cut out as much. I havnt really had a chance to use it so cant say what its like. I had no problems with the ransquawk audio at all. I think they are based in London. So my being close by helps.

I gave up after the trial period since I think real time news has little benefit for the retail casino go’er. I also started a trial with www. I use talking forex and it is excellent imo, invaluable for the day trader. I also started a trial with IFRMarkets. IFRMarkets but haven’t spent much time on the site to know if its good.

I used their SP pit service for a year it was quite helpful. I am sure their FX feed more productive than any other squawk because the guy also comments on the news so you can get real market bias and not only your own guess on the news. My opinion so far is the morning guy on RAN is very good and fast. Does not give you useless info like where the DAX is trading or if the spread is widening of .

I am interested in somebody scanning the news and commenting on the latest, not where the market is trading now. First Call guys seem like the average suburb joe who speaks with a slang or use a lot of street English. Overall they are both useful for those traders who need this type of service. The morning guy on RAN, scans for rumours too, which could be helpful.

I would go with Ransquawk over TFhaven’t tried any others, but will soon. I believe both of these names belong to the same owners, don’t they? I think it’s a bargain compared to the full RANsquawk fee. It’s pretty easy to tell they’re linked because Talking forex is advertised on the RAN site.