Phoenix forex expert advisor review

A trader has to find greater fools every day , during his trading activities, to pay him more than what he paid for the currencies or instrument. Well, the asset moves as I’ve predicted. There certainly is a Holy Grail! It is generally accepted in the trading community that there is no Holy Grail. That is a very human and absolutely normal way of dealing with the subject. Know any broker that offer fixed spread ECN accounts?

Good day house, I just wanted to know if anyone has knowledge of any broker offering an ECN account with fixed spread. Thanks in advance for your replies. Hi Folks I am writing a program to keep a record of the Order Ticket numbers in an array. There is an issue that I cant seem to resolve. I need to know wich news will make the eur fall or rise that much !

I am having some issues with the CopyX functions. So if you call CopyX a second time, the data will likely be there. I’ve 3 different input parameters : P1 , P2 and P3 . Some potential solutions should be discarded right away when the constraints are not respected. Do you have interest or hobby outside trading ? Well, why don’t show it here.

Just had new EA built and noticed when my terminal wasn’t current that I couldn’t get EA to open or run. No matter how many times I try to download mt5 I still get the 1816 build not the new June 2, 2018 1835 build which is what I need to upgrade to and run my new EA. I want to know how many people from Indonesia is joining this forum. If you’re from Indonesia, please comment this topic.