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The company owns 2 carriers, manages another 12 ships, and has 8 more wholly owned vessels under construction with 6 of those slated for delivery osk forex trading 2013. Normal LNG carriers are restricted to off-loading their cargoes in ports with specialized re-gasification facilities designed to render LNG back into usable natural gas. The MLP plans to acquire ships chartered for contracts longer than 5 years.

950 cargo vessels throughout the globe. 36 LNG carriers and has another 6 on order. Chevron is a unique play in the LNG shipping industry because it offers investors exposure to LNG shipping, oil and gas exploration and production and refining operations. Through its subsidiary, Chevron Shipping Company, Chevron operates 35 ships, among them 4 LNG vessels. Höegh LNG is a 40-year old Norwegian LNG shipping company that conducted its initial public offering on the Oslo Børs in 2011.

The company operates 6 LNG carriers and 2 FSRU vessels, all under long-term contracts. Höegh has contracted for 4 more FSRU vessels from Korean shipyards with 3 of the 4 already under long-term contract. Kirby Corporation is not a direct play on the LNG shipping industry, but rather an indirect investment in the continued boom of oil and natural gas drilling and production. The company operates tugs and barges that transport commodities and equipment on the inland waters of the United States. For a more in-depth look into the nuts and bolts of the LNG shipping industry, I would highly recommend reading Ship Tracking Natural Gas Opportunities by Seeking Alpha contributor Herr Hansa.

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