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There is something available and you can invest in it. Ascendas REITAscendas REIT is one of the first 2 REITs listed in Singapore in 2002, deep in the recession operating income margin calculator forex 2000 to 2002. Since then for the next 14 years, it has been adding more and more properties.

You can take a look at its corporate website over here. When you buy AREIT, you become a shareholder of the real estate investment trust. This will likely be how the underlying rental revenue will grow. It doesn’t mean you will get it, but this is what we been seeing for the past 14 years. You have to be serious about it. This Training Center aims to provide you with the materials to become competent and confident to invest in REITs. And I will keep adding on to this.

Before You Start:I know you want to jump into learning about REITs immediately. However, do you understand how REITs matter in the whole wealth building equation? You might not need to take more risk with REITs if you are a crazily high earner. How much is required for Financial Security, Financial Independence or Retirement: How would you know how much you need to accumulate, and when you are roughly ready. REITs is a niche combination of stocks and property. It has many advantages for the investors who have limited capital and are trying to build up their wealth.