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How to open forex demo account. But why is this happening if the Forex market is famous, first of all, by the possibility of trading at any time of the day? Despite the status of a free and independent market, there are certain rules on Forex that apply to all of its players. However, participants of the OTC Forex market earn on the difference from the purchase and sale of currencies, using electronic terminals and communication means, so they are physically unavailable to this process. For traders, swaps do not pose a big problem, more than that they figured out how to make money on them. The strategy, built on swaps, is called the Carry Trade. But we should not forget that this strategy is quite risky because of the unpredictable behavior of the currency market.

The risk is that the profit earned on swaps for the transfer of a position may not cover the possible loss from the transaction itself if the purchase price of a currency pair is higher than the price of its sale. Therefore, if you decide to make money on swaps, do it only in those periods when volatility in the market is minimal. Swap free brokers charge a small commission instead of a swap. 10 for one standard lot, which is considerably less than the swap in terms of points. Swap free brokers were intended exclusively for Muslims, because their religion forbids the receipt of interest for operations without the formation of material wealth. However, now unimpeded accounts are also common among ordinary traders, which gives them ample opportunities for long-term profit-taking.