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We present to you three Proposals of a team of Brazilian People that desire deep changes in our country. Those change are imperative and necessary to return Brazil to acceptable developments index and a better position in the world ranking of countries. The novelty lies precisely in the radical critique of political representation, this world cry that says “You do melhor corretora forex 2012 electoral votes represent us. English translation of the bestselling tract Indignez-vous !

If we try, we will surely find reasons for anger: the growing gap between the very rich and the very poor, the state of the planet, the disregard for immigrant and human rights, the intolerable dictatorship of the financial markets, social injustice, among many others. The return to the sources of participatory democracy means direct intervention of the people. It is then expected that the political leaders will make the deaf, because they are not in agreement with this. The novelty lies precisely in the radical critique of political representation, this world cry that says, “You do not represent us.

People are saying: “Just because you voted for it give them the right to do whatever they want against our beliefs. For Real Democracy, according to Wikipedia, “means a political regime in which citizens participate directly in the administration of their country through popular votes. The aim is to try and develop a truly democratic and participatory political system. The ministers will be chosen through direct vote for biennial elections, and, after a year of management, if in approval ratings is negative, the elections may be anticipated.

The funds will be distributed to government ministries in proportion to the degree of priority arbitrated by the people. If approved, these solutions will be immediately initiated and implemented. All quarterly financial move by the government will be presented to the public on national television tv and radio, internet and newspapers. The members of the ministries may have your telephone banking or broken confidentiality whenever there is suspicion of fraud, misuse of public funds or any other type of administrative irregularity.

A municipality will have so many representatives of neighborhood as are the number of districts in which is subdivided. The neighborhood representative will be responsible for local solutions for each neighborhood. Does Brazil is in urgent need of parties that seeks drastic changes needed in support of the Brazilian nation? Why not create or improve our parties in Brazil to such ideal?

Such parties could create new spaces for indignant that can manifest in various national issues. It is observed a good example of the movement “NASRUAS” and other similar groups and contemporary looks that are authentic, regimenting the masses to zero tolerance for corruption emerged in São Paulo says is strictly nonpartisan, however you need to consider some points of this issue. First, it is important to consider the definition of partisan and nonpartisan. According to Michaelis, nonpartisan would “not follow a party that does not give membership to any of the disputing parties. BRAZIL, with less emphasis on the issues simply partisan. So much so that affiliated to political parties tend to not be very welcome in a movement that wants to consolidate itself as a supra-partisan proposal.

Within a modern view the state should have a lower participation in the economy and in people’s lives. We are opposed to state capitalism that currently expands in Brazil. The state should prioritize basic services, infrastructure and its regulatory and supervisory role. As Senator Aécio Neves Guidelines presented his government plan. Important issues such as resuming political reform and mechanisms to combat impunity. According to our brief conversation, you have shown in general to be aware of everything that I have discussed above and to rethink about these high mortality rates, would undergo a National Plan, being exactly right with implications also in national legislation.

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