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The Market live india forex trader’ on Price Action Trading. In 2016, Nial won the Million Dollar Trader Competition.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know that I don’t sugar-coat anything, and today’s lesson is going to bring with it an extra-large serving of honesty and insight that will make crystal clear what you need to do to become a successful trader. So, dig deep and put your thinking cap on, and when you’re finished reading leave a comment and let me know if you think you have what it takes to become a successful price action trader. Do you have what it takes to lose like a pro? Because you ARE going to have losing trades. So if you don’t want to fully accept that fact right now then you better stop wasting your time in the markets. The key to losing properly is to make sure you manage your risk properly on every trade by never risking more money than you are prepared to lose and also by not over-trading. Do you have what it takes to have patience in the face of constant temptation?

Do you have what it takes to remain in control of your emotions? Do you have what it takes to be disciplined and organized? Let’s face it, you’ve made attempts to get organized and to be disciplined before, but you quickly got off track or gave up. This happens to most people, whether it’s in regards to going to the gym regularly, eating healthy, or trading, most people just seem to lack the internal mechanism to follow-through with being disciplined and organized. Do you have what it takes to become a trader instead of a gambler? Many traders end up gambling in the markets rather than trading. The markets can be an excellent vehicle for you to better yourself through, by learning to control your emotions and becoming a more disciplined person.

However, they also offer people with addictive personalities a great place to do an immense amount of financial damage to themselves. Do you have what it takes to swallow your ego and not try to control the market? News flash: the ONLY variable you can control in Forex trading is yourself. Whether you want to believe that or not, it’s true. You can’t control other traders or their reactions to news events, you can’t control Ben Bernanke, and you sure as hell can’t control a bank trader on the other side of the world trading position sizes that would probably make you pee your pants. Are you prepared to put in the hard work, study and practice?

Remember, by pre-empting and getting ready before you start trading live, you largely eliminate the potential to turn into an emotional trader or a gambler. So, are you ready to do put in the necessary work, study, and practice? If you are still reading this article and you think you have what it takes to really commit to this and become a successful Forex trader, then come join us in my price action traders’ community and learn with other traders who have accepted the challenge. I only want people joining my trading community who really believe they have what it takes to succeed in trading. Thank you again for the challenging information, once need to do a pro-inspection to see is it good for me or not.