Interpolate missing data in stata forex

Gen id in stata forex interpolate missing data in stata forex. Fx pip value in forex 26. Forex vnd rate to usd 26. Forex tester 1 0 full 26.

Forex rates us to inr 26. Forex rate usd to aud 26. Consequently, I often need to create cluster-level means and grand means for gen id in stata forex and modeling. The egen mean function makes creating means easy. The egen function is used to create new variables. We can download the the pig data from the xtmixed help. The variables are id, week, and weight.

15, clean id week weight 1. We can combine egen mean with by to compute cluster means. Remember that id is the cluster id variable. This creates a variable that is equal to the cluster mean for each cluster. That is, its value is constant within clusters but varies across clusters. You can also use egen to generate a variable to examine missing data on each row. This can be particularly important when you are generating scale variables, or variables that will be combining values of multiple variables.