Indikator forex yg bagus indonesian

The EA passed testing on real ticks. Pro and ECN – Market Execution accounts are required for correct operation. The Expert Advisor controls the spread and slippage, thereby protecting your capital from risks. No martingale, no grid, indikator forex yg bagus indonesian hedging.

The EA applies stop loss, take profit and trailing stop. The version has a fixed lot of 0. Malam yg hebat dua hari ini. The Expert Advisor is based on the original strategy, which allows you to efficiently take advantage of the price fluctuations. The EA buys low and sells high.

If the price starts moving against the order, the EA tries to gradually close the losing orders. The EA does not use martingale, it gradually opens more orders with a fixed lot. If the position moves against the order, the robot tries to close the losing position by a group of profitable positions opened before. After optimization, the EA is able to overcome any crisis period in history of any currency period, both for 5 years and for 25 years. The strategy has been designed to work in the flat. This means that it is suitable for pairs that are highly correlated.