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Department of Consumer Affairs, the SEC, or any and all other relevant securities administrators and regulatory agencies for each state and province, and country. Though you may never see your money again, you can hopefully take some joy in seeing justice done. It is only by the cumulative response of angry victims that authorities will have the impetus to devote resources, such as forensic accountants to trace the money, and other costly manpower, to a particular operation. As well, if restitution is available, having your name recorded increases the chance of seeing some monetary recovery down the road. The first step should be the fraud department of your local police. If that experience doesn’t totally discourage you from proceeding further follow this list and contact each in turn until you give up or get satisfaction. As part of sentencing, criminals should be made to endure this administrative nightmare.

As we gather more information on the most effective means to report these crimes this list will be modified to make your life just a little easier. To ensure that your report is as complete as possible you should do a bit of investigative work on the perpetrator before notifying authorities. If you determine that the criminals are operating outside your country be sure to report to that country’s agencies as well as your own. If you very industrious, and feel you are not getting anywhere, take the general allegations you have and put them in Affidavit format, complete with the specific statutory violations, you hand the government the case on a plate. This could put them in the position that they’d be publicly humiliated not to follow it up. It collects consumer complaint information through its 1-888-495-8501 toll-free number. The objective is to offer citizens a single point of entry, via the phone, fax or Internet, to lodge a complaint concerning any frauds, traditional or Internet based, and have it directed quickly and efficiently to the respective law enforcement or investigative agency for action.

BC Consumer Services – I can no longer find any consumer protection services ministry in British Columbia. They seem to refer all concerns to the RCMP. Internet Crime Complaint Center – FBI backed site for online fraud reporting. The Hotline is manned Monday through Friday 9 a.