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Gold is a most useful metal forex store Jewelery and other products like mobile etc. The central bank in Sydney rarely figures prominently as a major actor in global financial markets.

Australia’s decision created massive trading in gold options, futures, and stocks as a hedge against U. No one knows how far gold prices will increase,” a top options market maker said. Remember what happened to oil last year? Some options traders say there is now ever-present demand to buy gold as a hedge against macroeconomic and geopolitical concerns. The persistent demand for gold is firmly reflected in the prices of options on SPDR Gold Shares.

The implied volatility of GLD’s call options, which increase in value if GLD’s price rises, are incredibly expensive. For now, everything that is wrong with the world is reflected in the price of gold. As it seems those problems are not likely to subside anytime soon, traders say it is unlikely gold prices will significantly decline in the near future. Polished diamond prices fluctuate up and down and are highly impacted by things such as interest rates and inflation.

During the high inflation period of 1978-1980 in the U. 4 times more expensive than they were twenty years later. Like any good investment, the purchase price is just as important as the selling price. Beware of dealers who put all the emphasis on what percent off “Rap Price” they are selling diamonds. Rapaport List Price, does not mean it is a good value and it certainly does not guarantee it will be a good “investment.

Cheap diamonds are often just that, cheap. The Rapaport Price does not take into account cut, polish, symmetry, fluorescence and appearance. Many diamond shoppers have been told that their investment will hold its value better if they buy a very high quality stone. On the surface, this sounds reasonable but this logic fails to take into account the effect of supply and demand. Advice: While most shoppers don’t intend to have to sell their diamond in the future, it still makes sense to invest in an asset that is expected to appreciate. If investment appreciation is an important shopping requirement for you, seek VS1 to VS2 clarity range, G to H color range and the best cut possible. To improve the efficiency of our trading strategy.

Time frame to enter a trade. Say we want to trade using the Daily Charts. We take the Weekly charts to see the major trend. Suppose it’s an uptrend in a Weekly chart. We will tend to trade only long positions. We will use entries in the daily charts to enter long positions only.

When sell signals are generated we will just exit our long positions. Suppose it’s a downtrend in a Weekly chart. We will tend to trade only short positions. We will use a entries in the daily charts to enter short positions only.