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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Tesco was originally founded in 1919 and is now the UK’s largest non-food retailer. It is operating in 14 markets across Europe, Asia and North America. It has many outlets including ‘Extra’, ‘Superstores’, ‘Metro’, ‘Express’ and ‘Homeplus’. Dave Lewis held the position of CEO at Tesco at the time of this trade.

Alan Stewart held the position of CFO at Tesco at the time of this trade. Deanna Oppenheimer held the position of Senior Independent Director at Tesco at the time of this trade. Myopicso far my evaluation of retail has been spot on as were my thoughts on Tescos success online. Can’t be any more correct than Tesco Direct being shut down after being told how profitable it was. Next store closures and a full focus on wholesale given its supermarket growth is retracting. He That hath a smell in his brches.

He that hath a smell in his breeches . Where is it all coming from? 500 stores which will be news to most of us. Firing from the hip is WITless’s speciality- are you his latest incarnation? Share prices shown are taken at time of message posting. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Over 6800 shops around the world.