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Iš tikrųjų iš Serbijos turėtume tikėtis, kad ji imtųsi atsakingo regiono lyderės vaidmens Kosovo ir Bosnijos atžvilgiu, o ne apdovanoti Serbiją tarsi vaiką, kuriam duodamas saldainis už tai, kad jis buvo geras. In fact, we should be able to expect Serbia to take on a responsible role as a regional leader with regard to Kosovo and Bosnia as a matter of course, without having to reward it in the same way that one gives a small child a sweet for being good. A chocolate or a praline forex prekyba alkoholiu-lex.

Since Chupa Chups is active in the candies market, a sector in which trade exists between Member States, and it is an internationally active company, the criterion of affecting trade within the Community is also fulfilled. The franchisees are obliged to buy the sweets, liquid and colouring machine from the manufacturer, to have the same image and operate under the trade name, pay a franchise fee, contribute to common advertising and ensure the confidentiality of the operating manual prepared by the franchisor. Yra daug potencialių saldainių pardavimo taškų, tokių kaip tabako parduotuvės, įprastos maisto prekių parduotuvės, kavinės ir specializuotos saldainių parduotuvės. There are many potential points of sale of sweets in the form of tobacconists, general food retailers, cafeterias and specialised sweet shops. Srl turimas tarptautinis prekių ženklas yra nesusijęs, atžvilgiu ir 30 klasės prekių, kurios nėra panašios į karamelinius saldainius, atžvilgiu. Srl, and to the goods in Class 30, which are not similar to sweets.

However in this example a movement certificate EUR-MED can be issued by the Swiss administration also if the sweets could be used in Turkey in the context of cumulation with any of the other countries referred to in Articles 3 and 4, for example if the sweets are to be re-exported from Turkey to Tunisia. Toffees, caramels and similar sweets are products which, like boiled sweets, are obtained by boiling sugar but contain added fat. This preparation is an intermediate product not intended for immediate consumption but used in the manufacture of chocolates, ice-cream, confectionery and pastry. Taryba pagrįsdama tai, kad prašomas įregistruoti ženklas neturi skiriamojo požymio, rėmėsi neva rinkoje esančiomis panašiais saldainiais. In order to justify its finding that the mark applied for is devoid of distinctiveness, the Office relies on similar sweet designs which it claims exist on the market.

These subheadings also include pastes for the manufacture of fondant, marzipan, nougat, etc. Jei Taryba, kitaip nei apeliantė, mano, jog reikia palyginti rinkoje esančių saldainių prekių ženklo skiriamuosius požymius, ji turi ištirti padėtįšioje rinkoje. Castaña de Galicia’ chestnuts have been used in their preparation provided that the raw material complies with the requirements laid down in the Product Specification. Tai, kaip Europos Sąjunga apibūdina savo kaimynystės politiką, primena abejotinos reputacijos senį, apsiginklavusį maišu saldainių ir aiškinantį, kokie nekalti jo motyvai.

The European Union’s description of its neighbourhood policy sounds like an old man of questionable character armed with a bag of sweets explaining how innocent his motives are. However, we do have some sweets in the form of action plans on economic and social cooperation and development, which contribute to sustainable growth in partner countries. Betgi tikrai yra labai gerų natūralių medžiagų šiems dažikliams pakeisti. ES, kokį kelią mes turėtume pasirinkti? If we truly want to be democratic neighbours and we do not have the carrot of accession to offer everyone, which road should we then take? Ne taip seniai turėjome problemų su saldainiais, taip pat importuotais iš Kinijos, pagamintais naudojant pieno miltelius, kuriuose rasta melanino.

Not so long ago we had problems with sweets contaminated from powdered milk containing melanine, also imported from China. Nekalbu apie pinigų skyrimą ar saldainių siūlymus nepaklusnioms valstybės narėms. I do not mean handing over money, or handing out sweeteners to recalcitrant members reluctant to go along with a policy. It happened not just outside schools with bags of sweets, but it happened in homes, in all of our Member States, in churches and in hospitals. Europos Sąjunga kovoja su nutukimu, o televizija tik didina šios problemos mastą. The European Union is dealing with an obesity crisis and television aggravates this problem. Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above.

It does not match my search. The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Thank you very much for your vote! You helped to increase the quality of our service. Iš tikrųjų iš Serbijos turėtume tikėtis, kad ji imtųsi atsakingo regiono lyderės vaidmens Kosovo ir Bosnijos atžvilgiu, o ne apdovanoti Serbiją tarsi vaiką, kuriam duodamas saldainis už tai, kad jis buvo geras.