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Insane EU GDPR SCAM Triggers Mass Email Spam Attacks! Study: Slowing Global Economic Growth IS NOT Bearish for U. What if This Week’s Rally in Gold is Already Over? One can easily see the correlation. Maybe GBTC leads the Dow in direction. If so, GBTC is going lower while the last Federal Reserve instigated rally only turned ugly today with a near 400-point selloff. The Fed is in charge of that.

Forget Elliot Wave or fundamentals or anything else. That stuff only applies to real market behavior. Technical patterns only matter because the Fed manipulates them to keep us playing along. Fundamental analysts are all scratching their heads these days! All the while EURUSD and GBPUSD are accelerating lower also. So the USD is both weakening and strengthening at the same time! This does not compute in fundamental analysis.