Forex nfp means

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It is intended to represent the total number of paid workers in the U. The non-farm payroll report causes one of the consistently largest rate movements of any news announcement in the forex market. As a result, many analysts, traders, funds, investors and speculators anticipate the NFP number and the directional movement it will cause. Analyzing the Non-Farm Report Number Like any other piece of economic data, there are three ways to analyze the U. A higher payroll figure is good for the U. This is because more job additions help to contribute to healthier and more robust economic growth.

Consumers who have both money and a job tend to spend more, leading to growth. As a result, foreign exchange traders and investors look for a positive addition of at least 100,000 jobs per month. Any release above—let’s say 200,000—will help to fuel U. An expected change in payroll figure causes a mixed reaction in the currency markets.