Forex gann course

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This of course depicts an upward trend. The upper wick color always determines the color of the candlestick of the HAS indicator and the color of the MTF HAS Bars. The outside color of the MTF HAS Bar is the same as the wick color. It should be pointed out that the HAS indicator not only shows the direction of the trend, blue for up and red for down but also shows the change in volatility. If you look closely to the wick and body of the HAS indicator you will notice that some candles have a different height and some wicks have a different wick height as well. This is the nature of the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator as it will exhibit these traits based on how strong or weak the price movement is. The body of the candle is calculated from the open and the close price and the wick is calculated off of the high and the low of price.

When the price moves strongly up or down the HAS candle will have a higher body. Conversely, when price moves weakly the candle body will shorten. The wick height will also lengthen or shorten based on market volatility. The higher the wick and shorter the body the more likely to see a change in direction of the market.