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I received a mailshot offering free entries into the National Lottery – is it a scam? IN these uncertain times it’s hard to know the best way to build your wealth. 800 million at Morley Asset Management, an offshoot of FTSE 100 insurer Aviva. As Morley’s director of socially responsible investing, it is her job to spot the companies likely to thrive in a changing world and how national economies respond to looming crises. We then gave a projected growth rate for each one and calculated the amount it would turn into after ten years. Each expert has also given a mark out of ten for risk for each investment. 40,000 in shares in the developed markets of Britain, America and the Continent.

But she insists that the companies chosen are those in industries that will at best prosper, at worst merely survive. Not all business will, she believes. My view is both apocalyptic and optimistic,’ she says. Climate change, for instance, is a major problem – even George Bush acknowledges it – but mankind will save itself before the earth burns up. And the companies that will benefit in this respect include those in the fuel cell, biofuel, hydro-electric and other related industries, she says.