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59bn Brits have tied up in Europe forex crunch gold forecaster? Did you survive the Visa apocalypse?

What on earth has been going on in Italy and what does it mean for you? Perks of a park: Will more national parks across Britain be good news for homeowners? Trump’s tariffs explained: What are they, how has the world reacted and what are the implications for Britain and global trade? IN these uncertain times it’s hard to know the best way to build your wealth. 800 million at Morley Asset Management, an offshoot of FTSE 100 insurer Aviva. As Morley’s director of socially responsible investing, it is her job to spot the companies likely to thrive in a changing world and how national economies respond to looming crises. We then gave a projected growth rate for each one and calculated the amount it would turn into after ten years.

Each expert has also given a mark out of ten for risk for each investment. 40,000 in shares in the developed markets of Britain, America and the Continent. But she insists that the companies chosen are those in industries that will at best prosper, at worst merely survive. Not all business will, she believes.

My view is both apocalyptic and optimistic,’ she says. Climate change, for instance, is a major problem – even George Bush acknowledges it – but mankind will save itself before the earth burns up. And the companies that will benefit in this respect include those in the fuel cell, biofuel, hydro-electric and other related industries, she says. Brook steers clear of companies that rely heavily on fossil fuel and wants to avoid reinsurers.

She says they will pay indirectly for global warming by funding the clear-up operations after floods, hurricanes and other weather-related catastrophes. Brook’s other investment themes include health. Obesity is a growing-problem, she says, already accounting for a quarter of healthcare spending in America. She believes that companies making fizzy drinks and junk foods could struggle over the next decade. On the other hand, those in the fitness or healthfood sectors will prosper. And as people in wealthy Western countries live longer, there will be money to be made investing in the nursing and care homes sector.

20,000 goes into funds investing in China, India, South Korea and other growing economies. But pick only well-governed companies,’ she warns. There is more corruption in emerging markets. And never pick companies whose business is unsustainable, she says. Destroying forests or making anti-personnel mines are not merely unattractive business activities from a moral point of view, they are unlikely to be profitable in the long term. 60,000 of her portfolio goes into global shares. 25,000 will be put in a high-yielding cash fund and then switched into a mix of corporate and government bonds as yields become attractive.

SERIAL property investor Stuart Law has amassed a multi-million pound portfolio in Britain and abroad. He also owns and manages Assetz, a property advice firm and fund manager, and several other non-property investments. Law believes land and bricks-and-mortar still offer massive potential. In the UK, he says, this is largely through buy-to-let in redevelopment areas. 100,000 will pay the deposit for a pair of two-bedroom flats in a regenerating area such as Ancoats, Manchester.