Forex brokers with minimum stop limit order distance requirement

All it forex brokers with minimum stop limit order distance requirement us gradually to the topic of our article. Where there is demand, there is a supply – this is the law of the market.

Indeed, there are enough traders who want to automate their strategy and programmers who want to earn the money. This article deals with the problems that may arise during the communication of the “Customer – Programmer”. First and foremost, it is intended for traders – they often lack the experience in dealing with people of a different mental structure. But there is no doubt that for programmers, this article will be very useful – a relationship always has two sides, and the success of the joint venture equally depends on both of them. How do we formulate the task? How can we simplify the understanding?

When it comes to a full trading system, rather than a semiautomated Expert Advisor or indicator, the trader expects the only one thing from the Expert Advisor – a profitable trade. And so he gets the long-awaited letter from the programmer, launched the client terminal, starts testing and sees how his brilliant idea leads to the loss of the deposit. He again verifies the parameters, updates the historical data and once again sees the loss of deposit. But it doesn’t change the fact – the idea that they believed is turned out to be unprofitable.