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You are forex brokers regulated by masood redirected Javascript is required. Please enable javascript before you are allowed to see this page. T as its commonly called in Pakistan, is one of the safest ways to receive payment from foreign sources.

In Pakistan this is commonly referred to as the SWIFT code and is one of the critical pieces of information that you will need to give the sender before he can remit your money. Most banks in Pakistan are connected to the swift network via a correspondent bank. This correspondent bank acts on their behalf. The number of your bank’s account with them. If the sender is an individual you can receive the money into a foreign currency or rupee account . But if the sender is a company then according to State Bank of Pakistan rules your earnings must be credited to a Pakistan rupee account.

The most critical pieces of information are your bank’s name, swift code and your own name, account number and account title. Send the details to remitter Once you have collected the above information send it to your client or employer. He will then need to go to his bank and seek assistance from the customer service personnel there. They will help him fill out a form drawing on the information that you sent. Some banks also offer this service online. Once the forms are filled the money will be wired to you.

Receiving the money You will receive the money in 1-4 days time. Your bank in Pakistan will contact you when the money arrives. If the remitter is a company you will be asked to fill out a declaration form. In this form you will need to specify what goods and services you supplied to your buyer in return for the money. This document shows how much money you received and the currency exchange rate used to convert the money to Pakistan Rupees. This entry was posted in General.

Which bank in Pakistan allows wire transfers? Almost all banks in Pakistan allow it. I have been trying to get the address of my intermediary bank . My bank account is at Bank Alhabib Clifton, and they cannot provide me with the address because they say it is not necessary. They say the SWIFT Code is more than enough. How can I get this address?

The physical address of the correspondent bank is not a critical piece of information. As long as you have the correspondent bank’s name and swift code you are good to go. I might be have no time to read all the posts. Can you please tell me which pakistani bank supports wire transfer and moneybooker. Please go through the comments above and the article about outgoing wire transfers. If you have any specific questions not covered in any of the above, please ask them here in the comments section so that others can also learn from the discussion. Hi, I have just been confirmed by my company that they have received the confirmation about wire for remittance of funds.

How long do you think it would take to reflect in my bank account? IBAN is sufficient for the transaction. I think you need the swift code for International money transfer. Go with any other major bank if barclays is not cooperating with you. I want to receive some money from Alret pay.

What is the procedure use for receiving money. Which pakistani Bank received that money? 60 thousand from there and money did not come in how to get it and so many bribery there, with the governement as well police can not help. Thanks for a very informative comment. HBL how can i verify my account through this card.

You can not use HBL debit card on internet because HBL debit card can be used for ATMs or swiping. You can not use it online. I have MCB Visa Debit card. Is it possible that Payza will send money via this debit card after adding to payza acount. That is a very good question. I have often wondered that myself. Unfortunately I have no certain answer.