Fastest news feed forex cargo

Coverage includes economic data points, monetary policy alterations, international events, exclusive commentary and notable price movement. Examples include unusual options activity, cross-currencies to trade on news items and price spikes. For those of you who are into fundamentals, this will be of great benefit, no doubt. We are very glad that fastest news feed forex cargo with the platform we can offer a high quality newswire feed to our clients.

I see u always on point on markets. You said yesterday that on the news from Britain on inflation the trend will go to the South – and so it happened I remember your opinion. Please accept my sincere thanks and Hello from Russia. Your charts are very clear to me with best recommendations. Your analysis is great and I appreciate a lot. Thank you very much for your ideas that giving to us. I just wanted to say what a lovely work you’ve been doing.

I’ve been following your trading ideas and they are absolutely spot on. M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zm. Fastest news feed APIs targeting high frequency trading? The Dow Jones elementized news feed API seems to stand out but are there any other machine readable news feeds out there that provide very low latencies that high frequency operations may peruse? I am especially targeting US based economic news releases and US stock related news feeds. The news feed must originate from one of the major news agencies and the feed must be released anywhere between Washington DC and NYC for latency purposes. Generally the news item of economic releases that the department of labor, for example, releases is prepared but quarantined until the dept actually releases their numbers.