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I don’t give revenue growth enough respect. If you’re anything like me, the top line of the income statement is something you take a quick glance at as you easyequities forex the page for earnings — the bottom line.

After all, it’s earnings that count, right? There’s some truth to that statement. But determining a company’s true earnings involves making lots of judgement calls. A company with steadily growing revenue is probably capturing market share. Think about some of the world’s best-performing stocks.

These companies didn’t excite the market by reducing their expenses. They did it by selling a great product to more and more people. The Fastest-Growing Companies on the JSE With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s fastest-growing companies. These companies haven’t just grown quickly, they’ve done it consistently. An intense marketing effort is building this wealth manager into one of South Africa’s most recognizable financial brands.

PSG styles itself as a one-stop shop for clients in search of everything from stockbroking to health insurance. Consumers have responded exceedingly well, which has rapidly grown the company’s assets under management. PSG plans to continue to invest heavily in advertising in the year ahead. It will also build up its stable of unit trusts. The stock market, however, remains a bit circumspect.

The company’s share price is down 7. JSE in June of last year. Once a conglomerate that owned everything from magazine distribution to copy shops, Onelogix has sharpened its focus on the transport of vehicles and other freight across Southern Africa. The company has been consistently profitable and highly acquisitive, which helps to explain its eye-popping revenue growth. Acquisitions remain key to Onelogix’s growth strategy. It recently sold off some non-core holdings and purchased a refrigerated trucking company. The revenue growth at this generic drug manufacturer is all the more remarkable considering it didn’t enjoy the benefit of expanding off of a small base.